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London – Fashviart marked its Q3 activities with a private show featuring four amazing artists-Clara Aden (Lagos, Nigeria), Prince Madukwe (Texas, U.S.), P. Elaine Sharpe (Toronto, Canada), and Sasan Meftahi (Teheran, Iran) in London held at 10 George Street building, E14 9QG, Canary Wharf-London and supported by The event was well attended, informative, and interactive; each artist's short movie was projected, and guests delightfully engaged in a virtual discussion with P.Elaine Sharpe, the event curator.

Introducing the event, Mr. Sonny O'jaga, Founder and CEO @ Fashviart, said as global marketing, publishing, and investment platform, Fashviart will boost its commitment to helping African and other emerging countries' artists to access the international art Market, the elevation of African creativity and authenticity as well as the celebration of our diversity, inclusion, and equity identify in the global markets including Europe, Americas, and Asia. Our continued investment into our United Kingdom operations is a vote of confidence to our ability to create international opportunities reverse and bring fresh thinking in the prestigious global art market niche and create a cross-border business interaction channel for multinational companies willing to explore the African market opportunities.

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