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Tapping into and unlocking Africa's Markets'Potential

Although stock exchanges in Africa are less developed than those in emerged economies, they present an incredible platform for domestic firms to raise funds and mobilize domestic savings by offering a variety of instruments for investors to diversify their savings. With the right international partnerships, they can also provide opportunities for international investors to enter a local markets and take stakes in companies they find attractive. To that end, on the 8th July 2022, as a Motswana and like many Batswana (i.e. Botswana citizens), I was delighted (and proud) to see Botswana Stock Exchange(BSE) CEO, Mr. Thapelo Tsheole Head of Market Development, Ms. Thapelo Moribame and Head of Product Development, Mr. Kopano Bolokwe engage in discussions with American Stock Exchange (Nasdaq) counterparts to forge a mutual partnership...

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