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Sabaa Art Awards 2021

Sabaa Art Awards 2021 is an initiative from Sabaa. education in partnership with the Fashviart and Lagos-Paris-Art platform. The 2021 edition is themed “Pandemic Voices from Sub-Saharan Africa.” How it works: The entries should be in the categories of photo, illustration, painting, short story, a chapter of a novel, and poem to artistically reflect upon the individual experiences and effects of the Covid-19-Pandemic in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. The aim of which is to showcase different perspectives on how the pandemic has affected the continent, and to evaluate and propose artistic positions in handling today’s reality. Submit your free application on our platform for your chance to win a 500 Euro(plus) prize and gain international exposure. Applying for this event on our platform gives you direct access to all the benefits and all upcoming opportunities of our network. Be the first to know about all the opportunities, perks, and benefits of our broad and diverse platform.

Awards categories & Prizes

Jury awards

# photo (artistic approach, not journalistic): 500€ # illustration (print, drawing, comic,): 500€ # painting: 500€ # literature1: short story, a chapter of a novel, a poem (10000 words max.) – in English: 500€ # literature2: short story, a chapter of a novel, a poem (10000 words max.) – in French: 500€

Audience Awards

# photo: 500€

# illustration, drawing: 500€

# painting: 500€

Audience awards voting

Everyone who wants to vote in July 2021 – online voting will be initiated then with the online-presentation of the five best artworks in each category.

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