Sasan Meftahi

Visual artist



Born In1 975-Iran B.A of Painting M.A.of art research
Solo Exhibition "Atman"Gallery ,Tehran,Iran
Group Exhibitions: “Body drawings” City Gallery,
“Theimposible Year” ODU Gallery, Norfolk, Virginia,USA-2020 “Fifth anual painting of Alborz” ,MehradMal, Alborz, Iran–2020 “Signatureof Piece” Online Virtual group Exhibition, Cavan, Irland

Art Magazines:

An exclusive interview in International Art Market Magazine- Issue #48 – 2020 Art Hole Uk Magazine , Issue 5 , Oct 2020
Marvelous Art Gallery Magazine, May Issue, 2021
Art Magazineium, May Issue, 2021

Biennials And Art Fairs:
Onboard biennal- Artwerpen, Belgium,2021
NYC Art Walk, Art Fair, NYC,USA


"I've got a stone in my hands, and there's a crow in my mind! I fear my self.Painting is a treatment for my inner sicknesses.My childhood and adolescence era were passed with tramp and bombard through the war. It compassed me either with fear and anxiety through the lost youth, so surly it imported my (works) pictures, too.Humans and the tragedies they caused were portrayed with an aggrieved personality full of fear and anxiety with sharp colors and expressive expression and steady scratch.They're full of fears, anxiety inside me, and the society..."