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Kirsten Høst

Visual artist

Coppenhagen, Denmark



Kirsten Høst is a Danish artist, now living in Denmark, who has embarked on a new phase of her life and work, after spending 30 years in London, UK. This new phase emanates from a confident and sure belief and trust, that there is a plan for each one of us, if we allow our true gifts to unfold naturally. This trust has allowed her to find a new vision and a new voice working with oil painting and watercolour/ink/collages.

Kirstens work is strongly influenced by geometry, whish she sees reflected in all aspects of our universe. This theme was reinforced by her meticulous study and admiration of the great renaissance painters in the museums in Italy, where she has spent longer periods of time, especially in Firenze, Perugia and Venezia. Kirsten`s work frequently starts with a geometric shape and with an open mind, and inspiration develops a life and vibration of its own.

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