Ken Nwadiogbu


I am pushed by the desire to portray man’s inner being. My background in Civil Engineering plays a major role as an influencing factor of my artistic expression. Here, more value is placed on the interior setup of a structure, where everything comes to life, than on the exterior which basically draws one’s attention to what lies inside.

The focal point of my art is on black lives and blacks in diaspora; recreating my experiences and those encountered by my close friends such as police brutality, lingering racism, xenophobia, fraud, and culture conflict and shock. I want to invoke empathy in the viewer and make them aware enough to respond to what is going on in the society.

I believe that the eye is a window into the soul of any human and as such, make it a constant symbol in my work. I create silhouettes of human forms and embed the eye or sometimes a whole face in them, thus subtracting the human looks and referencing a consciousness that is buried deep within.

My oeuvre encompasses various mediums including charcoal, collage, and acrylic on canvas. With these, I am able to create these juxtaposed pieces, forcing provocative thought and discourse. To fully pass across my message, I have transcended into photography, sculpture, and installation.

The process of caring less for external features of a subject and focusing on the internal revitalizes my every approach to speak and expose reality to the world.