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Kimberley Blake Roth

Fine Art Consultant

A talented individual with a solid business, technical and interpersonal skills. Passionate about harnessing technology to facilitate transactions of fine art and collectibles in the art market. Committed to structuring creative learning environments for the discovery of fine art and artists.

Responsible for the continuous planning, preparation, and production of all exhibitions for international Fine Art gallery. Worked with gallery owners to plan exhibitions, design space, and lay in  Florida, USA.

Proprietor at: https://fineartbiblio.com

Reiner Opoku

International Art Expert

Reiner Opoku is a Berlin-based Art Consultant and international Art agent. He has curated numerous international art exhibitions since the early 1980s and is working with a variety of renowned contemporary artists. Opoku serves as an advisor and is responsible for aligning artists with some of the world’s leading brands by creating artists in residence programs, commissioned work for various brands permanent art collection and art-related projects in that field. He was the founding director of St. Moritz Art Masters in Switzerland and a Co-Founder of Parley for the Oceans in New York City.


Waridi Schrobsdorff

Fashion Expert

Waridi Schrobsdorff, Born in Kenya and a resident of Berlin for 25 years, former model and fashion entrepreneur established FA254 in 2013 to further the training, expertise, and exposure of emerging designers from Africa. Acting as a promotional platform, the FA254 website’s Designers Directory offers African design talents publicity and promotion both at home and abroad via editorial features, a newsletter, a blog, social media, collaborative projects, and exclusive partnerships. Waridi trusts on the new talents of Africa and believes Fashion is the perfect tool to rebrand Africa. 

Founder at: https://www.fa254.com

Sophie Lacasse

Interior Architect & Gallerist

Sophie is a Paris-based interior architect and gallerist. There you go with an accomplished art and interior architect into whom the  "very chic" Parisian style and glamour hold no secrets. Her infectious energy, enthusiasm, and savoir-faire have earned her a high reputation among the cream of French society. Sophie continues to collaborate with many french and international artists, including Norman Reedus, Marie Beltrami, a successful designer just to name a few. Her extended track of success is also seen in her Parisian-styled gallery located in the heart of the city. It is clear that her fashion and interior design cross-industry cross experience makes her an invaluable personality in the creative world. 

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