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About Fashviart 

We are an art promotion, marketing, investment, and publishing platform that showcases your creative talent to the global art market while engaging our international network, dedicated experts, adaptive promotional strategy, along technology-driven tools to give you the exposure you need to succeed.

Grab your free membership as we connect you with world-class investors, promoters, and influencers.


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Grab your membership and get your art out there! Take advantage of our network plus purposely designed range of cutting-edge technology tools for global promotion and networking with world-class art promoters and investors.

Subscribing talents and clients can enjoy access support to world-class investors, promoters, or influencers through our platform only by signing up to any of the offered membership plans. 

We collaborate with top creative brands, curators, galleries, marketing, and finance experts to deliver the best consulting services to help you grow.

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Top brands, creative agencies, and gallerists visit our platform in their constant quest for new talents in which to invest. Sign up and rise among the lucky ones. Sign up Now 


Upcoming Events

  • Sat, May 15
    May 15, 9:55 AM GMT+1 – Aug 25, 5:35 PM GMT+1
    Pandemic Voices from Sub-Saharan Africa. Brought to you by Sabaa.education Germany in Association with Lagos-Paris-Art & Fashviart UK. Submit your free application on our platform, for your chance to win a 500 Euro prize with international exposure. Submit Now!
  • RSVP Closed
    Sat, Apr 10
    Apr 10, 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM GMT+1
    This edition will surround the Sabba Awards 2021. Olivia Codd of (Fashviart London) will be hosting Prof. Wunsch, who is the founder of Sabba.education and creator behind Sabba Awards, which is brought to you in partnership with Fashviart and Lagos-Paris-Art.
  • RSVP Closed
    Sat, Feb 27
    Feb 27, 2:00 PM – 2:40 PM GMT
    An insightfully trendy, sparkly, and arty one-on-one talk with Jorinde Gersina, Berlin-based top-shot fashion, art, and portrait photographer. Hosted by: Olivia Codd for Fashviart.London


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